First Blog Post!!!

At last!

I have spent the best part of 5 months creating my portfolio site and this blog, whilst working full time, and regularly being intercepted by procrastination, perfectionism (read: procrastination), new ideas (read: more procrastination) and development issues.

I have learned a huge amount developing this site which I can now say, it's more or less completed.

If you have any feedback or criticisms, please leave them in the comments sections below. In addition, I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about this site.

Blog Content

The contents of this blog will initially be me sharing awesome things I discover, sharing my musings and expressing the challenges I face during this career change. I can envision that my style of delivery and the content written here in this blog will change with time as I become more proficient and develop my writing style.

Why Blog?

The decision to blog has been as easy one for me to take, albeit something not of my nature. I generally do not like sharing personal information online, however, documenting my journey will not only be useful to me, but to others who are/have/will be doing this journey as well.

I hope to create value here to those who are in a similar position as me, so regurlarly check back here for more content!

The Future...

My short term plan is to start my career freelancing and then find a position as a junior web developer. From there on, who knows! Acquiring the skills and knowledge to become awesome are my first priority. I am doing this right now via the blogs I read, the meetups I attend, and by the online lessons I consume.

I cannot wait for the next 6 months, and what will come from my efforts.