Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages

I am pretty excited about this.

I came across AMP this when I found an awesome YoutTube channel JSConf. In this video, Andre Marcelo-Tanner he introduces how AMP is providing a way for mobile pages to load 'super fast'.

So how does AMP work?

From what I gather, the AMP.js file is loaded by the browser in the head tag that reads HTML with custom AMP tags and properties.

AMP starts with adding the AMP subset to your HTML tags in which the js file hooks onto, similar to how Foundation and Bootstarp work. Not all HTML has the custom AMP subset though, so your HTML will need to be structured accordingly.

Once the JS file finds these tags, it runs optimisations according to AMP's best practices for speed, such as inlining CSS, only loading scripts and fonts asynchronously and prioritising resource loading.

On top of this, copies of the AMP documents page is held by its own Content Delivery Network (CDN), caching them and serving them from the closest location possible to the recipients mobile.

I'd like to try this out on my own webpage, to see if I can get anymore performance benefits on mobile.

In closing, I urge you to check it out.

The AMP website and their github page has more information.

Until next time.