My First Portfolio Site

This was the first iteration of my portfolio site which is hosted on GitHub. Code for this website can be found here.

The Design

I did some research before into why I needed a portfolio website and what I wanted to communicate to my audience or would be recruiter. There was some great advice from Travis Neilson on his tutorial over at YouTube. On his second video titled: Discovery & Documentation - Part1 he demonstrates an excerise which he does in all his clients of how to plan out what the site is, the needs of the client, and what/how he will be communicating to his audience.

I found this exercise to be very insightful as it kept me focused on what it is I am building.

My inspiration for the site came from two sources: For the main site I felt that Daniel Filler's was absolutely gorgeous, especially how slick it is, his use of hero image and the use of Orange! The second inspiration was for my blog posts from Andrew Verboncouers. His website has a more minimal feel to it with colours mainly coming from the images he uses. I also like the fade effect when the user changes pages.

The Development

I learned a multitude of technologies in this project. Whilst following Travis Neilson's youtube playlist, I learned how to use Jekyll - the static site generator this site and blog is built with, the templating system called Mustache that is bundled with Jekyll and Sass - a pre-processor for CSS.

I had a nightmare getting this all work in a Windows environment as I had yet to own a Mac. I follwoed this awesome guide here: Jekyll on Windows.

Then it was all down to getting busy and coding. It took me a while doing this as my design changed a few times and had issues with certain things not working.

My favourite feature of the site has to be the parallax-like header where the content scrolls over. I think it's a nice touch. Also, I like the pulsating social icons to help draw attention to the reader of how to contact me.

I hope you enjoy this site and please leave me some feedback.